First Communion Season 2022

Today is 2/2/2022 and were thrilled that communion season is here! First Communion is one of the 7 sacraments of the Catholic Church. This is an important part of our lives, and usually commemorated with a ceremony and a celebration afterwards. First Communion celebrations can include gifts, photographs with family, and we do our part to design special girls dresses and accessories so that your little one will look and feel as special as can be. 

Us Angels designs first communion dresses for all different body types and girls with different tastes in fashion. Our dresses are offered in size 6-14.

For girls who are not looking for a poufy dress, we offer styles like the Erica Dress, which features long sleeve, is made of beautiful lace, and is casual at the same time.


For girls who are looking forward to dressing up for this unique special event- after all, it is the third of the 7 sacraments, we offer the Shea Dress, which has embroidered lace and stones at the bodice, and features a multi layer mesh skirt with a full sweep 


And for those who fall somewhere in the middle, they are looking to dress up but maybe are doing so in a more casual manner, we recommend The Cara Dress, which is made of organza, and has a removable flower. Structured, but not beaded, this elegant style is the perfect option for her first communion.

The icing on the cake to any beautiful communion dress, are communion accessories. These have the effect of finishing the special look of the dress:

Our most popular sweater- which is all white, cotton, and has hand embroidered beads, our Belle White Beaded Cotton Sweater

Other communion accessories that we offer are veils, hair buns, and headbands, as well as beautiful gloves. 

You can explore and shop our full collection of commununion accessories at the link below:

And, you can explore and shop our full collection of communion dresses at the link below:


Have a wonderful and memorable celebration, and we hope to play a small part in your loved ones big day!

With Thanks,

Us Angels Team